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2011 Give & Get – Toy Drive

Toy Drive flyerThis year, I am working on a toy drive to supplement Porter-Leath’s 2011 Toy Truck drive. I have been fortunate enough to partner up with 3 amazing State Farm Agents: Mike Blakely, Kathy Turmond-Edwards & Chip Hunter. With 3 locations to choose from anyone can easily find a location to donate a toy. Come support us as our goal is 50 toys!

Together, as a community, we can try to help out and get rid of some of these Holiday Blues!

Through the support of everyone in the community, we can come together and help to brighten the holidays for some less fortunate children. While the flyer advertises gifts for infants and teens, there is no restriction on the age specific toy you can donate. Remember every donation is one more gift that some child didn’t have before! All toy donations will be collected and give to Porter-Leath so they can organize, sort and distribute the gifts.

Here is some addition information on Porter-Leath:

For over 160 years, Porter-Leath has been the primary resource for Memphis’ at-risk children and families. By focusing on the essential building blocks of healthy development, we not only give them access to the tools they need, but also a sense of hope. The result is Porter-Leath helps build stronger children, stronger families and a stronger Memphis.

Visit Porter-Leath on Facebook and on Twitter.

UPDATE: 11/29/2011

I collected the donation boxes today. Our goal of was met and surpassed! Congratulations to the 3 amazing State Farm agents who helped reach this total and who support the local community organization Porter-Leath. Today, we delivered the toys to Porter-Leath’s 2011 WRVR Toy Truck located at Bud Davis Cadillac from November 28th through December 2nd.

Thank you to everyone who supported this toy drive and made it a success!


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