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More than just the Birds and the Bees

logoRight now the only type of education that is funded by the government is abstinence only until marriage. “By law, abstinence-only-until-marriage programs are prohibited from providing lifesaving information about the health benefits of contraception and condoms for the prevention of STIs, including HIV/AIDS, and unintended pregnancy. These programs can only teach about failure rates of contraception” (Advocates for Youth). Read more…


2011 Give & Get – Toy Drive

Toy Drive flyerThis year, I am working on a toy drive to supplement Porter-Leath’s 2011 Toy Truck drive. I have been fortunate enough to partner up with 3 amazing State Farm Agents: Mike Blakely, Kathy Turmond-Edwards & Chip Hunter. With 3 locations to choose from anyone can easily find a location to donate a toy. Come support us as our goal is 50 toys!

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Volunteer Service

St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen

In the kitchenI decided to volunteer my time at a soup kitchen, especially as it’s becoming the holiday season. I volunteered at the oldest soup kitchen in Memphis. The kitchen serves more than 85,000 meals each year, approximately 275 meals per day in 2009. The soup kitchen serves everybody in the community from the homeless, to the less fortunate. It has been operating for over 140 years.
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Welcome to my WordPress site. This will be able to serve as a gateway to information that I feel is important and should be shared, as well as any random tidbits that I post. Thanks for stopping by.

– justJ03!

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